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Top 5 Social Media Tools For Brands

Interaction has been simplified and made an enjoyable experience with social media. The likes of Facebook and Twitter have shaped our mode of engagement with our friends and families. Brands now realize that they may not be considered as ‘ready for business’ if they aren’t on social media. This has made a lot of brands create and maintain social media profiles.

There are a large number of programmed social media tools that help brands and small businesses achieve optimum performance and engagement. These tools are quite analytical and could show what works for the brand on social media. Here are 5 tools you need to use as a brand that wants to get the most out of social media:


SocialBakers: SocialBakers is one of the most common social media analytics tools being used around the world. It provides a complete overview of your social media profile and all elements that show the status of your community and engagement. As a brand, you are shown the following:

  • Total fans Overview (Total fans, distribution etc)
  • KPI’s (Interaction, content and engagement rate)
  • User Activity (Post by fans, time of day)
  • Key Influencers

For presentation purposes, you get to convert your report to powerpoint or pdf

socialbakers social media


Hootsuite: Award winning social media tool provides you with a dashboard of all your social profiles. This means that you do not have to move from Facebook to Twitter to make posts. You can manage all your profiles from one single dashboard. You also get the chance to reply to comments and schedule posts using Hootsuite. The beauty of this tool is the ability to assign team members to reply to comments – a feature that is available to premium users. You can easily monitor conversations via hashtags and keywords using this tool. You also can choose to get a detailed analytics report for your various pages in pdf format.

Hootsuite constantly strives to encourage adoption and ease of use of their platform. They host webinars regularly and provide users with blog posts on how they can maximize the potential of their social media channels.

hootsuite social media


Buffer: Buffer has similar features with Hootsuite. Though a different interface, Buffer allows you to make posts across different social media profiles. You can also schedule posts on Buffer and get amazing analytics and insights. An interesting premium feature includes the content feed. This means that you’ll be able to feed your favorite websites’ content directly into your Buffer.

buffer social media


Agorapulse: Agorapulse positions itself as a more affordable social media tool. You also get a dashboard to manage all your profiles just like Hootsuite. It almost feels like you haven’t left your original profiles. Agorapulse also assists with apps and contests. There are different pre-installed contest apps that you could link to your Facebook page to boost engagement.

agorapulse social media


IFTTT: IFTTT stands for ‘If This, then that’. This is the most unique social media tool on the planet. It is an automation tool that works with recipes. You set recipes based on different outcomes that you expect.

For example, you can set a recipe for posting on Twitter once a post comes up on Facebook.

ifttt social media

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