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Top 8 Tips For Buying A Good Fairly Used Car

Let’s face it. Buying a fairly used car is one hell of a gamble. The good news is that you can really limit your risks. With economic issues surfacing, a lot more people are trying to get more income – irrespective of how it’s gotten. Cars are machines and their performances are based on usage and maintenance. Bad cars could give you serious issues and leave you wondering if you were actually better off without a car in the first place. If you have fully convinced yourself that you need a car and you don’t have the means to purchase a brand new one, here are 8 tips for buying a fairly used car:

  1. Inspect with a trusted mechanic and run a scan: Most cars are quite computerized and you can detect issues with the car by running a diagnostic scan on them. This will give you a better understanding of the condition of the fairly used car. Also, go with a mechanic who can advise you properly on the state of the car.
  2. Mileage: Check the mileage of the fairly used car about to be purchased. The higher the mileage, the more likely you are going to spend more in maintaining the fairly used car. Mileage records how far the car has been driven. This should give you a fair idea of how the car was used. Most times, cars begin to show sickly symptoms when they cross certain mileage points. Get a car with a reasonable mileage meter.
  3. History of female usage: This is quite funny but very true. When women use cars, there is a very high chance that the car is still in good shape. Most women don’t travel long distances like men and this doesn’t put a strain on their cars. Another reason is the fact that some women get their cars immediately fixed for them (by their husbands or lovers) once there’s a fault. Most times, the cars are fixed properly to make sure that it doesn’t give them issues. Your chances of having a good car when you buy from a lady is high.
  4. Check for Dashboard lights: Pay no attention to what you are being told by some mechanics. Dashboard lights always indicate that the car has a fault. It could have a history of repair work done on it, or something is wrong. Once you see those warning lights on the dashboard, RUN!
  5. First Body: You ought to have lots of patience when you want to purchase a fairly used car. While having patience, you should have an eye for details. Cars are made to look very attractive when they are for sale. You should be able to detect if a car has been sprayed. There are various reasons for spraying a car. A reason – which could be a source of concern, could be that the car has been involved in an accident. Although it looks clean and attractive, you could just be buying a whole lot of problems.
  6. Properly Shifting Gears: While you take a test-run in the car, look out for how well the gears shift. If it’s an automatic car, closely monitor the sequence of the change in gears. If there are irregularities in the shifting, it’s possible that the gears have slight issues. Also if shifting isn’t as smooth as it’s supposed to be, you shouldn’t go any further. It indicates that there could be complications once you start driving the car.
  7. Engine Sound: Nowadays, the automobile mechanics are well trained to patch up pretty bad cars and make them look good. You should have a fair idea of how an engine is supposed to sound. If the engine of the fairly used car doesn’t give you the proper sound, do not go further. Engines have different components that could be patched up. However, one can quickly detect a bad car from the engine sound.
  8. Your Gut Feeling: When your gut is telling you not to purchase a car, please don’t. When you see a cheap price for a ‘clean-looking’ car and your mind tells you not to purchase it, we think it’s safer to listen to your mind. Be wary of a cars that are sold for ridiculously cheap amounts. You may end up paying more to fix them.
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