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Top 7 reasons why you need Superfast Internet Connection

Nowadays, usage of internet data has gone beyond just checking mails and browsing websites. It has become more sophisticated. Tech internet giants like Facebook and Google are constantly looking for better ways to make our lives easier online. This is evident in their partnerships and their new innovations of communication. While our lives are improved greatly by these concepts, the downside is the allocation of more data for this purpose. So you use more internet data because you are able to do much more online. Although it’s totally worth it.

Are you thinking of why you should get a superfast internet connection? We have outlined a couple of reasons:


video-call internet

Video Calls: Just as we decided to put this out, Whatsapp has started rolling out video chatting. You’d agree that the experience while video chatting or Skyping can’t be compared to just exchanging messages. Video chatting has increased and a lot more people are able to talk to their friends and families abroad.




Online Gaming: Although not very popular in this part of the world but still a wonderful experience. Videogamers, imagine you playing a particular adventure videogame with someone abroad. Now imagine chatting with the person while gaming. A couple of internet service providers in Nigeria can deliver seamless gaming experiences. However, lots of speed and data are required for this.




Downloading: Why wait for 6 hours trying to download a 2 hour movie? This is what a couple of Nigerians go through. The span of time wasted in waiting for heavy file downloads is very massive. You could lose interest in what you are downloading before you eventually get it. Superfast internet allows you to download movies in a shorter time.




Livestream: Okay no need for download, just stream it. Fast internet enables you watch live updates and videos without downloading. You don’t miss out on any action. Also, you get to do without that annoying ‘buffering’ or ‘loading’ while streaming. Of course you can’t do all of that with an ‘average’ internet connection.




cloud-storage-internetCloud Storage: Simply put, cloud storage is basically storing your documents (vital and non-vital) in the ‘cloud’. Of course it’s not actually the cloud, it’s stored away in very massive servers. The reason for this is because your hard drives could get damaged and could fail you sometimes. The effect of this could be a loss of all your data. So, you’ll be safer if you store your documents in the cloud and you could retrieve them from any computer using just your email address and your password. This also takes a very fast internet to upload files to the cloud and retrieve them.




GPS and Map Navigation: Sometimes you are given only an address and no idea of where it is. You could just open an online map navigation site or app and get directions to the location. Google Maps provides you with the ability to do so. You wouldn’t want to be stuck on the road waiting for the internet connection to enable the map come up with a direction for you.



Ecommerce Internet

E-commerce/Online Banking: This is super important and needs no explanations. Don’t get frustrated sending money or paying for goods online and then the internet times out – especially when it’s urgent. You could save yourself the headaches and scripted customer service lines of the bank by getting a faster internet service.

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