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Top 6 Motivational Books You Should Read Now

We all need that nudge once in a while to assure us that everything will be okay. That’s what motivational books do to your soul. It awakens that inner sleeping giant in you and strengthens you to rise above challenges you are confronted with.

Often times, our lives are overtaken by series of events and we forget to connect with our inner essence. We run around 24 hours a day without knowing what our main purpose in life is. Interestingly, what we need to do as human beings and how we can make the most out of life are mostly captured in motivational books. We decided to outline a few books that should help you have a clear direction about life:


Bible: The mostly read book in the world. The bible is referred by a lot of people as the most complete book ever. It explains how the world was created and sustained till now. It also captures the accounts of the saviour of Christians and instructions to human beings for living a fulfilled life.

Holy Bible book


Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill): Napoleon Hill is such a fantastic writer. This book contains accurate steps for acquiring wealth. If you are in business, you’ll find this book handy. Napoleon also tries to share experiences on how certain people were able to develop mindsets for getting wealth.

think-and-grow-rich-napoleon-hill book


Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale): If you want to approach life with a powerful positive vibe always, then you need to read this book. The Author – Norman Vincent Peale suggests a list of practical steps for growing and nurturing a positive attitude towards life. The ‘Positive Thinking’ method enables your inner mind to flourish and be at peace – thus drawing good things your way often.

power-of-positive-thinking book


Chicken Soup For the Soul (Jack Canfield): Well, not your regular kind of motivational book. It’s a book filled with lessons to learn. Jack Canfield shares different stories of people faced with challenges and by different means, overcame them. Due to the large volume of these stories, you are bound to see a story with a challenge related to what you are going through in the book. This will give you a fair idea on how your thinking could influence things around you.



48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene): You must have read or heard different advices about things which do not really relate with the current world that we live in now. This is totally different with the 48 Laws of Power. This book gives you 48 laws to obtain power and influence in your immediate environment. A captivating aspect of this book is how logical its laws are. They serve as guides to living a powerful life.



How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie): Ever having a hard time with your relationships with people? This books assists you in your relationships and how to appeal to the inner mind of people. It also contains experimental steps to achieving the ideal relationship with your fellow man and it opens the door for more clients and wealth acquisition.

win-friends-and-influence-people book

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