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Top 6 Beer Brands In Nigeria

Beer has its numerous benefits. Apart from the fact that it is considered quite healthy amongst other alcoholic drinks, beer is mostly cheaper and readily available. Nigeria certainly has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in Africa. Beer companies are taking the back seat while cashing out steadily from the sales of beer. Here are our top 6 beer brands in Nigeria:


  1. Goldberg: Apart from its affordability, Goldberg is widely accepted by most Nigerians because of its very smooth taste. Goldberg is owned by Nigerian Breweries and is steadily rising to perhaps be one of the best beer brands in Nigeria.
  1. Trophy Lager: Trophy is owned by SAB Millers (Now acquiried by AB InBev). Trophy came into the Nigerian market in 2012 with a distinctive taste and quality. Trophy’s marketing campaign was such to highlight and recognize respected members of the society and community. Trophy is mostly consumed in the East.
  1. Life Beer: Another brand that has dominance in the East. Life  was also acquired by Nigerian Breweries to rival Trophy. Life has a distinctive taste and is probably one of the most affordable beer brands in Nigeria. Life signed a partnership with Nigerian artiste Flavour recently to further cement its dominance in Nigeria.
  1. Star Lager: Star Lager remains one of the most popular beer brands in Nigeria. Star is known not just for its taste and quality, but also for its marketing campaigns. Star has hosted some of the biggest entertainment shows in the country and have moved over to sports where they recently declared full dominance by partnering not just 5 European football clubs, but also the Nigerian Football Federation as their official beer partner. Star is owned by Nigerian Breweries. Although consumption has reduced due to cheaper alternatives like Trophy and Life, Star still maintains top of mind awareness by a very large margin.
  1. Gulder: Gulder is also owned by Nigerian Breweries and is known for its unique great taste. You sure must have heard of Gulder Ultimate Search. Gulder Ultimate Search was one of the top reality shows in Africa until it was recently stopped. Gulder is mostly perceived to be a masculine brand and all marketing efforts have been skewed towards masculinity and strength. Apparently, Gulder is for real men.
  1. Heineken: Super premium brand known for its high quality and unique marketing campaigns. If Gulder is for real men, Heineken will certainly be for Chairmen. Heineken is mostly consumed by the elites in Nigeria and across the world. Of course it’s more expensive than the others on this list.
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