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Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Monetization and online service rendering has become a whole new industry. Little wonder why there is an average of 10,000 – 100,000 searches on ‘how to make money online’ every month. While there are high flyers in this area, there are others who either aren’t doing so well or haven’t made a dime online.

Making money online – especially in Nigeria, is quite a task and requires commitment and perseverance. The major focus points are your skill and your time. This makes your job easier and increases your chances of making money. To know how to earn a living online, you need to know what business to go into. We have outlined 5 top businesses to go into if you want to make money online:


money online-writingOnline Writing: Without content, the internet may not even exist. Content forms the basis of any online platform. With various sites coming up and an increased access to information online, online article writing has become a highly sought-after service. The demand for online writers is high, however, you need to develop your writing skills to stand a chance to be selected as a freelance online writer. An increasing number of websites or companies recruit freelance writers to provide information about their services and interest points. Some online writers are paid per number of words and others are paid per article. Your ability to earn more money is based on your speed and unique skill in writing.



money blogging Niche Blogging: Ever since the emergence of fashion model turned multi-millionaire blogger @Linda Ikeji, there’s been a massive influx of blogs in Nigeria. Suddenly, the idea of not just making some money but actually earning a living via blogging has become an aspiration to youths in Nigeria. From the ability of placing content belonging to brands on your blog, to the foreign exchange that Google pays you every month via Adsense for placing ads. The possibilities are endless. However, there has been an over-supply of general/aggregated content in Nigeria and this has watered down the chances of making good income via blogging. We believe that niche blogging (blogging that caters to one interest or section) will drive your chances of making money online. Some ideas include blogging about health, food, travel, transport, business. Providing content across these areas will prove to be more relevant to your target audience and could boost your income online.


money digital marketing Digital Marketing: Are digital marketers supposed to be the geeky or nerdy-looking guys in the team taking about marketing using web terminologies? Not exactly! They are the most recent online money makers. Digital Marketing has become widely recognized such that Digital Marketing agencies are being set up to provide services. Digital Marketing services include Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Analytics etc. The beauty of this way of making money online is its broadness. You can specialize in offering quality services in some of the sections of Digital Marketing and still make money. There is a huge demand for digital marketing services in Nigeria.



money influencer


Influencer Marketing: You can do a lot with your large follower base on Social Media. You could be a paid advocate for brands who want to reach a broader audience. The ability to reach a lot of people has made all of us indirect media owners.






money affiliate-marketing Affiliate Marketing: Massive e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga offer affiliate programs where owners of blogs and websites can advertise these sites and get commissions based on conversions. It’s usually a win-win arrangement for the e-commerce sites (because of the traffic directed to their site from yours) and also for you the advertiser (because of the commission you get from a successful referred buyer). But the catch is, you web platform must have the kind of traffic that will be interested in these e-commerce products. Affiliate Marketing is getting increasingly adopted by web platform owners and could just serve as a major source of income.

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