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Top 5 Things To Do To Boost Your Immune System

When it comes to matters of health, it needs to be taken very seriously. Your immune system is more like the engine of your body. It prevents diseases and helps you recover from different stress levels and infirmities. You’d do very well to make sure that your immune system is fully active at all times. However, there are times when your system isn’t top notch as expected. Probably due to stress or the presence of a very dangerous virus. Here are 5 things to do to boost your immune system:




Exercise: The benefits of exercising are numerous. Physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. Take the stairs once in a while instead of the elevator. Sweat it out. The brief rise in body temperature during and right after exercise may prevent bacteria from growing. This temperature rise may help the body fight infection better. (This is similar to what happens when you have a fever)






Eat Fruits: A healthy system depends on vitamins and minerals. These you’ll get in abundance in fruits. Fruits help to give a quick boost to your immune system, making it fight against foreign bodies. It’s usually advised to get vitamins and minerals from fruits rather than drugs.







Have adequate sleep: Research has shown that there’s a direct link between sleep and your immune system. Your body needs adequate sleep to regenerate its tissues and renew its immune system. Your body auto-heals. Lack of sleep doesn’t give the body much time to repair itself and this greatly affects your immune system. Learn to have an average of 7 hours sleep daily.






Avoid Infection: Note that every time your body is exposed to germs and diseases, your immune system is tasked with eliminating such diseases. This could leave the system very weak. You need to avoid infections by washing your hands often and washing food thoroughly before consuming them.






Healthy diet: Studies have shown that people who lack balanced nutrition are prone to fall sick often. If you don’t have a balanced diet of all micro-nutrients, you may just have a weak immune system. Make sure your food has the right amount of nutrients.

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