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Top 5 Rules To Follow In Order To Live A Happy Life

We are always on the quest to discover the essence or purpose of living. Every human being tries to understand why they are born and what they are expected to gain or give to life. We all love to have control over different things, but there’s a stretch of frustration all through an average human being’s life when he cannot predict or control situations. This leaves one tired, angry and very frustrated.

We are not telling you that we could help you predict or control situations that happen to you. No one can. However, through deep research, we have been able to find ways to make you live a happy life. Hence, helping you reach deep, get conscious and don’t break a sweat over negative experiences. When you are happy, you send out positive vibes to the universe which in turn, creates more experiences to enable you sustain that happiness. Here are 5 rules to live a happy life:


Every bad experience teaches you a lesson: Have you heard of the famous saying that goes “it’s okay to celebrate success but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure”? When you are faced with undesirable situations, always look for the lesson in them. Since nature cannot talk, it tries to converse by bringing about experiences. These ‘negative’ experiences as they were may hold the keys to your purpose in life. You get to learn different lessons through negative experiences. No one learns from positive experiences, you celebrate them. But failure makes you take a step back and learn. Appreciate failure. We recommend Chicken Soup for the Soul to those who want to always learn lessons from failure.

Pay no attention to what people say behind your back: We know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Humans have that desirable urge to appeal positively to everyone. Guess what? You can’t! It’s just not possible. People have different mentalities and reasoning patterns. When you try to pay too much attention to what is being said about you, you begin to act like someone else. You start doing things that don’t describe your person. You’d also be shocked to hear that they really don’t talk about you. We all are occupied with finding our purpose in life. You will certainly live a happy life without worrying about that.

Choose your battles wisely: Really! It’s not that serious. Try to focus on the most important things and channel your energy right. To relationships with fellow humans, don’t always make your stance known at every slightest chance. Sometimes, silence is better than being right. Arguments and debates have severed relationships beyond redemption. Is it really worth it? Nope!

Have fun while you can: Hey! Have fun! You will not live forever. Spend time with family and friends. You have to understand that there is more to life than just earning money, paying bills and dying. Study different cultures, learn other languages and explore as much as you can. This gives your quest to live a better life a boost. If you haven’t travelled out of town in 3 years, you should.

Read Books: Like some people say “if you want to keep something from a black man, put it in a book”. We Africans have lost the reading culture. Reading broadens your knowledge and teaches you things that you naturally didn’t know. The internet has given you a whole lot of books that’ll help you build up yourself and your approach to seeing things. Remember that some of these books are written by people who were able to find solutions to their situations and want to share the knowledge.

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