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Top 5 Mobile Phone brands in Nigeria

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Top 5 Mobile Phone brands in Nigeria

Often times, we wonder how digital has shaped engagements and data consumption in such a very short time. From the first mobile phone being made in 1973 till today, the way we interact and engage with each other has been greatly improved and fine-tuned. Better features, better apps and advanced technology. The only hiccup to this improvement is the cost to an average Nigerian. Looking to find out which phone brands dominate the Nigerian space? We have compiled our top 5 mobile phone brands in Nigeria:



Tecno: Known for its array of functionalities at a very affordable price, Tecno has played on the needs of the average Nigerian – which is to get value for money. In such a short time, they have made their presence known and felt across Nigeria through aggressive marketing techniques and partnerships. So, if you want functionalities at an affordable price, you should consider purchasing a Tecno phone. However, if it’s durability and performance that you are looking for, they may not be suitable for you.






Apple (iPhone): Nigerians are status-driven. This clearly explains why the iphone comes in second. A burst of class and elegance emanates mere looking at the iPhone. Little wonder why Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Beyond the elegance, a brilliant sense of performance and an amazing responsive touch wraps this beauty of a phone. As pricy as it remains, Nigerians still purchase a lot of these phones.



samsung in nigeria Samsung: Samsung joins the list and that’s quite understandable. Samsung has aced competitors in display and graphics, with sleeker and more innovative mobile designs. A direct competitor to Apple phones (a little cheaper than apple phones though), Samsung also boasts of durability and performance as they continue to provide mobile phones with very good performance.




blackberry phone nigeriaBlackberry: Blackberry revolutionized messaging in Nigeria with their unique BBM chat app. This prompted a lot of Nigerians to purchase Blackberry phones. From sleek designs to multiple keypads and phone navigation systems. They set the pace in the mobile market for quite a while. However, competition has eaten into their space as their major selling point – BBM app is now accessible via android and apple devices. Blackberry phones are still widely used in Nigeria as they begin the gradual transition into the world of android operating system. A move which they tried with the Blackberry Priv.



infinix phone nigeria

Infinix: You must have seen it at least once. Infinix mobile phones take our 5th spot. With very similar features to that of Tecno, Infinix has banked on affordability and accessibility to Nigerians. Standard features that you’d expect in Samsung mobile phones are also present in Infinix phones. If you think Tecno phones are cheap, Infinix phones are even cheaper. The downside to these phone brands is their lack of durability and adequate support.

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  • I think for now infinix surpasses tecno and the positions should be swapped.

    November 5, 2016

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