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Top 5 Food Blogs In Nigeria

Food remains a major aspect that we cannot do without. Now technology has amplified our demand for food. We now order food online and we learn different ways to cook different meals. What’s surprising is the rate at which African meals are being publicised online. This has led to different blogs creating content only around food (especially African dishes).

You get to learn a lot about cooking and recipes for different meals from expert cooks. While most of the authors of these blogs are female (that’s quite expected), an army of male chefs are on the rise. We have outlined 5 major food blogs in Nigeria:


  1. 9jafoodie.com: 9jafoodie is centred on African dishes and recipes. The author being a nutrition and weight loss specialist, generates content around healthy African diets and weight loss stories (in text and videos). If you are looking to lose the fat and eat good African food without feeling guilty, 9jafoodie.com should be your destination.
  2. Afrolems.com: Afrolems teaches you new and unique recipes. It looks more of an e-cookbook with different recipes and kitchen tips. The blog also creates content around Nigerian dishes.
  3. Matsecooks.com: The famous on-air personality turned culinary expert, Matse, decided to go progress into the world of cooking and has a very informative blog. Matsecooks provides cooking tips for everyday Nigerian meals. Matsecooks also has different recipes categories for more information.
  4. Dobbyssignature.com: Dobby Signature showcases different Nigerian dishes and recipes. The blog also features meals outside the walls of dobbysignature kitchen. It’s a total African food/lifestyle blog.
  5. Nigerianlazychef.com: Pay no attention to the name. Nigerian Lazy Chef also does a good job in showcasing African recipes and story. What is most captivating about this blog is the way in which the posts are made. There is usually a story behind every post that captivates the reader.
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