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Top 5 Animals You Should Get As Pets

Pets usually have an emotional bond to us humans. Although we understand that animals may not possess the mental capability to process things and situations like we do, they are blessed with instincts and could also express emotions. Besides, watching a little animal grow to become quite big is such a wonderful experience.

In Nigeria, there are two categories of pet lovers, those that rare animals for company, protection and friendship, and those that rare animals to eventually eat/sell them off. While we understand that different kinds of animals fit these roles, we have shortlisted some of the animals you can keep as pets:


dogs pets


Dogs: No surprise about this one. As the old saying goes, Dogs are man’s best friend. The abilities of dogs are numerous. From being a source of protection to being a very good companion, dogs are top of the pet chain. They are known to be one of the most loyal animals. Dogs possess an innate ability quite close to man and this enables them to know when a human expresses unusual emotions. Dogs are so smart that they could be trained to run errands for humans.


parrots pets


Parrots: One of the mysteries of this world. The parrot is a very beautiful bird with a curved beak. They are known to be among the most intelligent birds, and the ability of some parrot species to imitate human voices enhances their popularity as pets. Some parrots are so intelligent that they could talk at the level of a four to five year old child. While they don’t do so well as protective animals, you will be fascinated if you own a parrot.



monkey pets


Monkeys: Well, no surprises too when some scientists claim that humans came from monkeys. Monkeys have an amazing jump ability and are quite intelligent. They have quite a close relationship with humans and are very mischievous. Monkeys have quick reflex speed and could detect danger quickly. They also could be hostile to strangers.



rabbit pets


Rabbits: Rabbits are such cute animals. The rabbit may not be as intelligent or protective as the dog but they are very calm and reserved animals. They beautify your homes and are not a threat.




peacock pets


Peacocks: A very beautiful bird with a unique design of colours. The peacock or peafowl has a majestic approach to its movement. They are known to be proud birds due to the way they ‘show-off’ their beautiful tails to actually ward off competition from similar birds. They help to beautify the home and are not entirely vicious – except when they feel threatened.

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