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Top 4 Places To Find A husband

For all single ladies looking to get hooked, 2017 is your year! Finding a husband of your choice shouldn’t be much of a hurdle. But your guard should be on at all times. You get to meet different kinds of ‘husband material’ in your quest and this could be quite stressful. While looking for the one, pay attention to the kind of places that you meet people. Here are our top 4 places to find a husband:


  • Church: This is in fact a no-brainer. A church is one of the safest places to get a good husband. The fear of God and religion helps people to still maintain a high level of sanity in character and appearance. You are bound to meet a ‘guy of your dreams’ in a church. Maybe God can draw him to you. Who knows? However, don’t be swayed. There are a couple of terrible people who disguise as good people in the church. But hey! The chances of success are quite high. So, go to church in 2017 and praise the Lord!
  • Uber: You don’t need to be told. Uber taxis are not your random cabu-cabu taxis. Uber drivers are decent, quite young and very well behaved. Some of them have regular jobs and do Uber businesses on the side. Who knows? Your darling husband may just be driving you around while you sit at the back like a big madam. If you aren’t comfortable, use Uber Black.
  • Shopping Malls: People go to have fun in shopping malls. While these malls are usually filled with different kinds of men, your chances of finding a good husband are quite high. You are likely to see someone who has good disposable income and is well behaved.
  • Banking Halls: Your sole purpose for looking for a husband in banking halls should be strictly based on financials. Most people go to do transactions. It could be your lucky day if you get to meet a guy doing heavy transactions. Could be a catch!
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