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Top 4 HMO’s in Nigeria

When it concerns health, the lives of millions of Nigerians are at stake. A healthy country will eventually become a productive country. Health insurance or health management companies create the avenue for citizens to assess quality healthcare services at affordable costs. Unfortunately, the penetration rate of health insurance in Nigeria is still quite low and is majorly attributed to low awareness and education.

A couple of HMO’s are striving hard to create substantial awareness for health insurance in Nigeria. It’s nothing short of a herculean task as these companies are faced with the issue of having to persuade a largely opinionated populace. The following are top 4 HMO’s in Nigeria:


axa-mansard hmo

Axa Mansard: The biggest insurance company in the world, AXA recently realized that the insurance sector in Nigeria is an untapped market and recently acquired Mansard. AXA Mansard, due to its size and deep pockets have created a revolutionary way of marketing health insurance. They have excellent health insurance packages and also keep in touch with their customers at regular intervals.



Hygeia HMO: Probably one of the oldest HMO’s in Nigeria. Hygeia HMO is a tested and trusted brand with a large client base of companies. Hygeia isn’t aggressive in marketing efforts but they have a good track record and are easily identified as one of the top HMO’s in Nigeria.



Avon HMO: Relatively new comers and more like a technologically driven and social savvy HMO. AVON HMO has created a distinction between itself and competitors in its operations. A lively and relatively warm environment. A walk into the Avon HMO office and you’ll be welcomed with smiles. They also provide world-standard HMO services to their client base. The very attractive purple brand colour also gives an entirely new look to its brand personality.



Total Health Trust: Total Health Trust is first ever HMO to commence operations in Nigeria – with no industry, no competitor and no regulator in existence. In recent times, Liberty Health fully acquired 100% stakes in Total Health Trust. Total Health Trust has a very large client base and always strives to provide the best service to its customers or clients. Just like Hygeia, Total Health Trust is also not very aggressive in marketing due to obvious reasons but still remains a major HMO in Nigeria.

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