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Top 4 Fastest Retail Internet Service Providers in Nigeria

A lot more is desired to be achieved on the internet and this requires a lot of data. Data still isn’t as cheap as we want it to be in Nigeria. However, one thing is sure; internet data is getting faster and it could only get better. With upgrades of technology and the introduction of 4G LTE, the online world has been changed forever. Now people can stream movies – rather than wait for hours downloading. Video games can be played remotely over the internet and crystal clear audio and video calls can me made online.

Some ISP’s in Nigeria thrive better than others in providing superfast internet service in Nigeria. Here are our top 4 fastest internet service providers in Nigeria:


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Smile 4G LTE: Without a doubt, Smile broadband is the fastest retail internet service provider in Nigeria. Smile provides average speeds of up to 6mbps and can move up to 21mbps. This means that you can literally download a movie in minutes. Smile boasts of providing true 4G LTE data and voice services with a 800MHz Spectrum, capable of delivering voice services. Smile recently introduced its voice package – which enables you to make voice calls to other GSM numbers using your smile internet data. Smile is present in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Kaduna, amongst other states. A little bit pricy compared to other ISP’s but be rest assured of superfast internet. Amazing stuff!

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Swift Networks: One of the earliest retail ISP’s in Nigeria. Swift has upgraded its service offerings from 3G to 4G and then 4G LTE. A major factor for Swift’s success is its consistency. While competitors fell off along the way, Swift maintained quality and consistency in service offering. Swift claims to offer unlimited mbps but from research, Swift’s speed is usually within the range of 2mbps. The very affordable prices of Swift has also drawn customers and patronage. Swift is present in Lagos


spectranet internet service provider

Spectranet 4G LTE: Also steady players in the ISP market. Spectranet owned the position as the first ever 4G LTE Internet Service Provider in Nigeria – slightly edging Smile broadband. Spectranet speed and reliability has earned them a spot on our list with very affordable plans and packages. They offer services with an average speed of 2-4mbps and are present in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.


glo-internet service provider

Glo 4G LTE: Indigenous telecommunication giants – GLOBACOM recently introduced blazing fast 4G LTE services to its customers. This further buttresses GLO’s main aim of providing quality data service to Nigerians. Putting into consideration that GLO covers most parts of the country, this makes it easier to offer quality internet services to its subscribers. GLO rides on the back of its GLO-one Fibre-optic service and is poised to delivering the first ever nationwide superfast internet service to Nigeria.

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