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Top 4 Business Websites in Nigeria

Digital has taken over the world. The rate at which we create websites has grown exponentially over the past few years, thanks to the birth of Online Marketing. This has created an avenue for online users to earn income by having a website. However, just having a website is no longer enough as content needs to be shared on these websites. Be it owned or shared/aggregated content, the method deployed in disseminating these information is very key as this determines the engagement generated online.

In the business world, content is pretty much as important as the platform. Individuals or brands who have interests in particular industries have to get as much detailed information as possible from these industries. These individuals or brands are heavily reliant on business news sites to provide them with adequate information from time to time. A couple of business news sites have shown true value and are making progress in passing across these content to interested online users. As a brand, if you are interested in reaching a large number of ‘serious-minded’ people, these websites should be considered:


Bizwatchnigeria.ng: Bizwatchnigeria is a sector-based online news and business intelligence portal. This portal provides business news across over 30 different sectors of the economy. However, most information delivered by Bizwatchnigeria.ng is mostly aggregated. Standing within the top 500 most visited websites in Nigeria, bizwatchnigeria.ng has concrete social media presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, the bizwatch portal boasts of over 50,000 working class e-mail addresses through which newsletters on the latest news in different industries are aggregated and sent on a daily basis. Their forum just kicked off recently and is gaining traction already.


Proshareng.com: Proshare Nigeria takes a rather different approach to business news. They provide in-depth analysis of certain business news. This means that most of the content shared on the Proshare website is owned by proshare. Content shared on proshare include market trends, news, market valuation, start-up news and also a WebTV. They have quite a large community on social media and also provide interesting newsletters to e-subscribers.



NigerianBulletin.com: Belonging to the Ringier Media Group (Owners of Pulse.ng), Nigerianbulletin is majorly concerned with providing news across any industry. The approach to news dissemination is quite an easy one, Nigerianbulletin provides the most important news to you irrespective of the industry. Nigerian bulletin is not entirely focused on business alone and as such are general news providers. However, they tilt slightly to politics and business.



BusinessDay: The online version of the media company – BusinessDay creates content across the business world. They have a fantastic model for creating their content and sharing it. Users have access to certain parts of the website but need to subscribe to read full articles and business news. Also, unlike other sites, visitors can’t copy content and paste them elsewhere.

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