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Top 10 Radio On-Air Presenters in Lagos

According to the radio presenters, being on radio is one of the best moments you can ever have. We feel it’s the ability to portray your persona and intelligence to thousands of listeners that makes it such a unique job. It’s widely perceived that being yourself on the radio is one of the best way to capture your audience. However, most radio OAP’s capture their audience through controversies – which is not a direct reflection of who they are. Some are deliberate and others are not. One thing is sure, Lagos has an array of presenters that totally ace it on the radio. From excellent voice, to perfect diction and also knowledge of different topics. We have our top 10 radio OAP’s in Lagos:


freeze radioFreeze (Daddy Freeze): Ifedayo Olarinde of CoolFM Lagos takes a top spot in our list. Freeze, who is well experienced on the radio has shown time and time again, his ability to capture his audience. He portrays his persona on the radio and holds nothing back. Highly controversial as a lot of people know him to be, he has vast understanding about different topics and issues. This gives him the ability to discuss from a point of strength most times. It takes a really smart person to switch between roles on the radio and Freeze does that perfectly. His love for quality wristwatches and cars paints him as the ideal radio presenter.  Lest we forget, his amazing ability to serve as a hype man for his fellow colleagues and accessories is not to be overlooked. It’s widely said that if Freeze hypes a pen, the pen probably writes by itself. He has a website www.daddyfreeze.com


toolz radio Toolz: The recently married Tolu Oniru-Demuren of Beat FM is quite a stunner and is certainly featured on our list. Many will agree that she has the talent of eloquence and an excellent voice (of course, and a body to go with the voice). A very beautiful and intelligent OAP and certainly an envy of other OAP’s in the business. From our little research, a lot of Beat FM fans listen because of Toolz. She has her own website www.officialtoolz.com




opj radioDiplomatic OPJ: Who else speaks his mind without remorse? Of course, it has to be the one and only Diplomatic Pius Junior-Opute of Wazobia FM (DJ. OPJ). One of the oldest and most experienced persons in the business with over 20 years on the radio. As far as excellent voice is concerned, he probably doesn’t do too well, however, he has a voice that cracks people up every time he’s on the radio. OPJ has vast knowledge in the area of politics. Being a sensitive topic of interest, OPJ never fails to make his opinion known about certain issues relating to government and is quite blunt about it. If you want to listen to the truth (without sugar coating), Diplomatic OPJ is your man. He hosts the Evening Oyoyo Show on Wazobia FM. He is currently an active member and volunteer of the Youth of All Nations.



mannie radioDJ Mannie (Mannie D’ Maestro): Emmanuel Essien of CoolFM makes our list as top OAP. Also very experienced in the business, Mannie has remained a figure to be reckoned with on the radio. He’s managed to remain controversial free and is happily married with kids. He learns a lot from his kids and this has enabled him to share experiences on the radio. His love for family has made him carve out a niche for himself (Family and Motivation) and he has done excellently over the years. He recently released his very first book (What a Life) about his experiences while growing up. He also has a very high taste for quality music and has released a few songs of his own.



tosyn-bucknor radioTosyn Bucknor: Tosin Bucknor of Top Radio 90.9 joins our list. Tosin is a multi-talented OAP with a flair for fashion, pop culture and entertainment. Her jovial nature on the radio has kept fans tuned to her shows. Her fluency and her ability to spark up conversations on radio and Social Media is quite unique. She is a cousin of the highly successful owner of HR Madam, Funmi Bucknor.

She’s an active blogger (tosynbucknor.blogspot.com)



toke-makinwa radio Toke Makinwa: Toke Makinwa of RhythmFM has also made great strides in the OAP business. Her energy and articulation on the radio keeps her audience glued whenever she’s on the mic. She was brought to limelight by her popular vlog (Toke moments). Toke has also been able to add class and finesse to her interaction on relationship matters – as she appears to provide useful information to viewers about relationships. After suffering from a recent relationship controversy, Toke has totally bounced back on her feet and continues to inspire her fans across Nigeria.



dan-foster radio

Dan Foster: Super funky OAP and also a veteran in the business. Dan brings experience and class to the radio. Although not Nigerian, his love for Nigeria music and food is what makes him quite a fascinating radio presenter. Dan Foster now co-hosts The Classic Morning Show from 6am – 11am every week day.





yaw radio

Yaw: Multitalented radio presenter and comedian Yaw has created and maintained his style of presenting on the radio. It’s never a dull moment when Yaw is on the radio as he adds humor to his conversation. He’s yet another radio presenter who converses in Pidgin English. He hosts the ‘Make Una Wake up Show” on Wazobia FM. Yaw also hosts his comedy event which is very popular in Lagos.




ik-osakioduwa radio

Ik Osakioduwa: If you’ve watched Big Brother Africa at any point, you’ll certainly know who he is. Ik is your ever friendly and jovial OAP, with a very unique way of captivating his audience whenever he is on the radio. He has successfully created a brand for himself off radio and he’s doing quite well. He has also modelled for a few brands. Talk about an all-round talented persona.





bella radioBellarose: Bella Iyere-Okojie of CityFM – sister of the popular childhood singer Benita Iyere-Okojie deserves to be on our list. Bellarose, as she’s widely called, is one of the newest entrants to the OAP business. She is multi-talented with prowess in singing, acting and speaking. However, she’s more tech-inclined and has a huge passion for technology. Discussing technological innovations and concepts on radio isn’t a problem for her as she does it effortlessly. Her most captivating feature is her laugh which is actually funny.

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