November 2016

Beer has its numerous benefits. Apart from the fact that it is considered quite healthy amongst other alcoholic drinks, beer is mostly cheaper and readily available. Nigeria certainly has one of the highest alcohol consumption

We are always on the quest to discover the essence or purpose of living. Every human being tries to understand why they are born and what they are expected to gain or give to life.

We all know how tough 2016 has been, but it’s been a great year. Here are top 5 ways you can save money as a bachelor. Eat at home: You save a whole lot of money

Christmas is such a special season. It calls for a lot of celebration and reflection on how the year has been. You also get the chance to think of what you could make better in

A job interview is usually stressful. You spend hours preparing for the ‘unknown’. Basically, you have no clue on how the interview could go or how many people are going to be on the panel.

Pets usually have an emotional bond to us humans. Although we understand that animals may not possess the mental capability to process things and situations like we do, they are blessed with instincts and could

As technology begins to settle in, banking has become more seamless and easy. Banks are beginning to strategically decongest their banking halls and encourage the use of mobile apps for transactions. Mobile banking apps are

Nigerian music hasn’t been at its best this year. However, there were massive revelations. A lot of hard work was put in by sidelined and upcoming artistes and song writers, while it has been a

The last decade has seen a surge in the rise of tech websites/blogs. Finally, technology has become a huge industry as lots of I.T professionals are beginning to pass across information about the I.T world

No one wants to age faster than they should. But there a lot of people who look so old, yet you get amazed when you hear their ages. While some of these cases are relatively