October 2016

Being a minister or holding a ministry is a very massive task. A task that involves presiding over basic aspects that contributes to the building up of the Nigerian economy. There are some ministries that

Nowadays, usage of internet data has gone beyond just checking mails and browsing websites. It has become more sophisticated. Tech internet giants like Facebook and Google are constantly looking for better ways to make our

A lot more is desired to be achieved on the internet and this requires a lot of data. Data still isn’t as cheap as we want it to be in Nigeria. However, one thing is

Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality." – Nikos Kazantzakis Public Relations in Nigeria has grown to be a very integral part of a business. Every business needs PR. As

According to the radio presenters, being on radio is one of the best moments you can ever have. We feel it’s the ability to portray your persona and intelligence to thousands of listeners that makes

Music is one of Nigeria’s biggest exports and Nigerian artistes continue to set the pace on the continent. With global exposure and access to more sophisticated musical technology, various talents are being discovered on a

Often times, we wonder how digital has shaped engagements and data consumption in such a very short time. From the first mobile phone being made in 1973 till today, the way we interact and engage

Nigerian politics is an interesting and tedious one no doubt. It isn’t a little task presiding over 180 million people with diverse cultures and interests. It could be energy draining. However, there are guidelines and

Monetization and online service rendering has become a whole new industry. Little wonder why there is an average of 10,000 – 100,000 searches on ‘how to make money online’ every month. While there are high

Recession is biting hard into our lifestyles and this period in Nigeria calls for austerity measures. Industry experts say this is the best time to do business in Nigeria (well, it depends on the kind