December 2016

The Headies is one of the most prestigious award shows in Nigeria. While there have been a lot of controversies surrounding the show in previous editions, the hosts have continued to work hard in making

You’d agree that being a music DJ is really a demanding job. Little wonder why they get paid quite high to perform. Overseas, the likes of Calvin Harris have revolutionised the whole DJ’sphere by being

Let’s face it. Buying a fairly used car is one hell of a gamble. The good news is that you can really limit your risks. With economic issues surfacing, a lot more people are trying

For all single ladies looking to get hooked, 2017 is your year! Finding a husband of your choice shouldn’t be much of a hurdle. But your guard should be on at all times. You get

Nigerian movies have improved over the years. They have become more exciting – probably because of the exposure they get and the involvement of more world-class professionals into the act. It’s very impressive to see

When your age falls in the 20’s bracket, you have been given a gift. The gift of a youthful inward and outward appearance. You have the energy and you are just setting out into the

When it comes to matters of health, it needs to be taken very seriously. Your immune system is more like the engine of your body. It prevents diseases and helps you recover from different stress

Beer has its numerous benefits. Apart from the fact that it is considered quite healthy amongst other alcoholic drinks, beer is mostly cheaper and readily available. Nigeria certainly has one of the highest alcohol consumption

We are always on the quest to discover the essence or purpose of living. Every human being tries to understand why they are born and what they are expected to gain or give to life.

We all know how tough 2016 has been, but it’s been a great year. Here are top 5 ways you can save money as a bachelor. Eat at home: You save a whole lot of money